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Do you know that 70% of online activities start with a web search? Being a law firm, don’t you think your business website should catch user attention in the search engine result pages (SERPs)? A study on 'Google User behavior' reported that 9% of users scroll through the bottom of the first SERP, and a mere 0.44% visit the second SERP. Thus, if your law firm's website is not ranked, potential clients will not even get the chance to view it. While lawyers and law firms have a handful of cases, it is best to leave the marketing of their services to a law firm SEO company. Leverage the digital marketing strategies of our law firm SEO agency to boost your website ranking on SERPs. The dedicated SEO experts at Think Shaw work round the clock to attract potential organic customers to your law services. To consult our SEO agents, speak with us at +16093899474 or write to us at

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What Are Lawyer SEO Services And Why Should Law Firms Hire A Law Firm SEO Agency?

What are lawyer SEO services?
Lawyer SEO services are strategies implemented to improve the quality of a website so that it can rank on the web as expected. A quality website will have improved visibility and traffic over the web whenever a potential client searches relevant keywords. The highly skilled SEO executives at Think Shaw help lawyers and law firms deliver high-quality content appealingly. Although the law firm SEO services are rare to see overnight success, our SEO executive strategizes for long-term gains. Our team understands that the key to implementing effective SEO strategies is understanding the searcher’s proximity to your law firm. Thus, curating personalized lead generation techniques and attracting organic traffic is our forte.
Here is why you should hire our law firm SEO company:-

  1. Reach Location-Specific Clients 

Being the best law firm SEO company, Think Shaw’s expert SEO team uses marketing methods to reach users actively searching for relevant services in that area. For example, while using a search engine, targeting audience in a particular region will bring your business on top of SERPs, filtering only relevant traffic. This way, your law firm can easily rank on the top when users search “attorney in Los Angeles” or “NY law firm”.

  1. Increase Brand Recognition

Once your website appears on the top of SERPs, it dynamically stabilizes organic traffic for months or even years. Unlike social media marketing, which requires users to know a little about your business, attorney SEO allows you to reach people who have never heard of you. The SEO executives at Think Shaw recognize “unbranded” keywords and make the above possible. 

  1. Publish Relevant Content

As a core part of SEO strategies, it is crucial to publish unplagiarized content for better reach and backlinking. Posting blogs or guest posts relevant to your business allows you to rank more organic search terms within a region, thus improving your law firm’s visibility. In addition, a law firm can earn more credibility by publishing authentic and unique content on its business website. 

  1. Attract Valuable Backlinks

When other sites land back to yours, it’s like getting a vote of confidence that your site is trustworthy and valuable to its visitors. Your website’s authority will rise directly to the quantity and quality of the links pointing back to it. The law firm SEO experts at Think Shaw create supreme quality content and website experiences that attract backlinks in improving SERP ranking altogether. 

  1. Improved Website Experience

A highly interactive business website works for itself by grabbing the attention of visitors at the very initial glance. Hiring a law firm SEO agency helps to decrease website loading time, improve internal linking strategy, enhance site security, and much more. Thus, our expert professionals can take care of the complete optimization of your website and business. 

Now that you have walked through the unparalleled benefits of hiring Think Shaw for attorney SEO services, it’s time to get in touch with us for consultation.

Our Unparalleled Law Firm SEO Services

While the primary motive of a law firm or attorney is to serve their valuable clients, aspects like generating leads regularly usually get neglected. To keep the business running in this digital age for years to come, hiring a law firm SEO agency has become essential. Every marketing issue that modern law businesses experience can be remedied by utilizing our law firm SEO services, including:-


1. Website Audit and Analysis

Think Shaw's experienced SEO professionals will identify the problems plaguing your site and explain why it is not doing well in search engine results. Our comprehensive SEO audit will help spot and correct any problems with your site. Auditing your law firm's website is crucial to ensuring a smooth ride to extraordinary performance among the target audience. Updated SEO tactics disclose mistakes, allow you to work promptly on your lost visitors, and redirect them to fault-free landing pages. Conducting frequent SEO audits to maintain an up-to-date SEO strategy is crucial to long-term success.


2. Keyword Research and Strategy

Use precise keyword targeting in your SEO campaigns to reach the right people at the right time. In order to attract new clients, you need to know how they search for legal services like the ones offered by you. Our legal SEO services are designed to help you connect with clients whose demands align with yours by using targeted keyword phrases.


3. Off-Page SEO

On-page search engine optimization is where we, as savvy bloggers and content marketers, come into the bigger picture. While Google's most weighted ranking factor is missing from most law websites, we strive to inculcate it in our SEO. It is “links” that other sites have placed on their pages that lead back to yours. On average, the top results on Google have 3.8 times as many incoming links as the next ten results. Although backlink creation is an important part of off-page SEO, it is by no means the only factor to consider. There's more to it than that!


4. Content Writing

Copy for your websites, weblogs, and email newsletters is essential for any successful marketing strategy. The legal SEO experts and our skillful content team at Think Shaw will develop relevant content that meets all your requirements effortlessly.


5. On-page SEO

Your web pages need to be optimized so that potential customers can find you during their initial search. Law firm SEO can be done with on-page SEO techniques. Experts at Think Shaw will monitor your website's performance and optimize as needed to boost rankings.


6. Landing Page Conversion

Getting people to click on your website or landing page is appreciable, but it is of no use if the users do not act upon the link. To ensure that more of your website's visitors convert, our law firm SEO company offers landing page conversion, which can be used in conjunction with organic or PPC traffic.


7. Local SEO

You need to do more than just optimize the website for your law firm; you also need to optimize it for local search. Having a Google My Business (GMB) page that is well-optimized is one way to attract organic traffic. More potential customers will be able to find you if you improve your business's online presence for local searches.


8. Technical SEO

People today expect instantaneous results from their searches. Because of this, our SEO packages for attorneys or law firms incorporate technical SEO, powering your website with fast loading and responding well to improve conversion rates. This is where our Website Audit and Analysis services come in handy.


9. Web Design And Development

Every reputable law firm should have a fully functional, user-friendly, and attractive website designed by industry experts. Our law firm SEO experts and web designers work hand in hand to create a custom website that ranks superbly well on SERPs. Know that our custom-made websites are highly known for being optimized for speed, responsiveness, and conversions.


Reasons To Hire Think Shaw For Attorney Seo Services

Thinking of hiring the leading SEO company to thrive your law firm and generate greater leads? You have landed at the right place!! Digital marketing and search engine optimization are Think Shaw's forte (despite COVID-19, at home or office, we never fail to deliver top-notch work quality). We know how the art of being found and making one's presence prominent holds importance for any firm. We follow the principle - Quantity and success go parallel at Think Shaw. Thus, our custom SEO services go about making your business visible and thriving within no time.


Decades of Experience

Think Shaw's SEO team follows tried-and-tested methods and cutting-edge strategies to generate visible results. Our traditional SEO ideas joined together with the trending ones, have the potential to make any website rank flawlessly. Thus, you can always rely on our tactics to reflect the needs of the modern consumer.


Award-Winning Team

The efforts of our smart working mates have been greatly rewarded, as evidenced by their extensive experience and proven success. Our team members strive to do more than just contribute to the company's growth; they also meet and exceed client expectations by delivering excellent outcomes. The positive and productive atmosphere at Think Shaw is largely due to their hard work and advancement in the workplace.


Maximum Transparency

Genuine advice and quality services are why people consider Think Shaw as their law firm SEO agency. Whether it's a matter of giving the word or fulfilling one, we're confident that our guidance is unparalleled because we strive to earn money and respect among our valuable customers. Whether you need services specific to a law firm or otherwise, you can count on us to approach your needs with customized strategies. We guarantee that you will achieve your desired outcome.


Cost Effective

Piece by piece, each hour of the day and night, adding up to a solid foundation - that's how this law firm SEO company is built. Think Shaw knows how valuable your time and money are, which is why our services are affordable for any size company, from those just starting to those at the very top. The lack of financial resources will not stand between you and your goals.


Personalized SEO Services

Since no two businesses have the same set of objectives, it would be counterproductive to employ the same strategy in both cases. SEO covers many aspects, and with that comes a wide range of expectations. Our SEO specialists are here to assist you if you're looking for individualized support for your law firm’s online visibility.


More Than $2 Billion In Real Results

While our skillful SEO team works tirelessly, their efforts are being paid off globally. Whether it's news about your company or the strength of our relationship with clients, we know that the outcome of this sharing has a significant impact on what comes next. Our lawyer SEO services are consistent, but we tailor our approaches to each client based on their unique needs and objectives.