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Around 46% of searches on Google are local. Is your online business ready to engage these search queries? Do you ask a marketer about the type of SEO he/she is recommending for your online business? The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comprises vast criteria of practices that vary from business to business. The size of your business, targeted audiences, location and buying capability are some important factors. Think Shaw considers everything precisely when it comes to digital marketing. In order to focus on a specific location, we have native marketing strategies that come under local SEO services. Let’s know more about it!

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Understanding what is Local SEO?

The same rules of SEO are not feasible for every online business. If you approach a credible digital marketing agency, they will offer different categories of SEO services such as:-

When we talk about local SEO particularly, it includes the strategies customized for a particular location. A website allows you to reach throughout the world but the entire world may not be your targeted market. In order to focus on a specific location, only local SEO strategies can work. It can be a game-changer for local businesses marketing such as service agencies of plumbing, cleaning or local restaurants. While optimizing a website for local business, search queries of native potential customers are analyzed to create a robust & result-oriented strategy. A lot of factors are responsible for local SEO ranking. We will discuss them in detail below.

What are local SEO ranking factors?

The ranking of a web page on the search engine results page depends on many factors that dynamically keep on changing with the Google algorithm. The experienced digital marketing staff at Think Shaw specialist possess up-to-date knowledge of these factors and know how to implement the right strategy at the right time. Below is a list on which we focus the most:-


Google My Business (GMB) listing

This is a free Google tool to help you in showcasing the business in a summarized way. When someone checks the Google reviews, the content of GMB posts appears on their screen. For a local business marketing, it is a crucial requirement to educate and engage potential customers. We create a Google account for your business and add crucial information such as business name, physical address, location on the map, contact number, hours of operation and basic information.



Domain authority

DA aka domain authority is the relevance of a website for a particular industry. It is basically a score of search engine ranking developed by Moz. Out of 100, the highest score is considered as better domain authority. In order to build the domain authority for your online business, we produce high-quality content, emphasis on reviews and search for the links carrying local relevance.



Click-through rate (CTR) from search results

The CTR of a website includes both paid and organic search impressions including free listings, keywords and ads. The total number of ads appearing is divided by the number of clicks. This is called the click-through rate percentage. Our specialist makes sure that the SEO content and Google Ads are qualitative enough to achieve the highest possible CTR.




Keywords are the search terms frequently used by a group of targeted potential customers on the internet. Keyword research in local SEO requires more precision because we have to target a particular small area. Our marketers specialist conduct thorough research every time while using SEO content for organic traffic.



User experience (UX)

Along with the user interface, user experience also matters a lot when it comes to the engagement of visitors. After diverting a person to your website, retaining him for conversion is the biggest challenge. Our content team produces high quality engaging content that influences the visitors toward conversion.


Why Local SEO Is Vital for Your Business?

A local SEO services company is not only meant for small businesses but the giant e-commerce portals also need them for marketing purposes. They have to target every single region with different native marketing strategies. Investing in the best local SEO services is vital for your business in many ways. We are mentioning some of them below:-

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The local SEO strategies are vital to your online business only if the marketing team knows feasible implementation techniques. Book an appointment with our specialist, get answers to all your queries and then make your final decision.

Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Services

Think Shaw company has assorted every single requirement crucial for the marketing of your local business. Our local SEO services are tailored after analyzing the needs of a particular business. For your convenience, we are enlisting some SEO practices crucial for your local online business.

Why Think Shaw’s Local SEO Services Are vital for your business

Precise customization of marketing services according to the need of a business is our primary task. Our marketing team at Think Shaw keeps both qualities as well as budget factors in mind when you request quotes online. Go through the points below to know why Think Shaw agency would be a good fit for your local SEO services needs.


Affordable Local SEO Services

Budget is one of the major considerable factors for local businesses because of the limited capital. We know the importance of every single penny you put in a marketing campaign and what are your expectations. Our SEO specialist will evaluate every technique for its compatibility with your business so that you don’t have to bear extra costs unnecessarily.


Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is the most reliable tool for tracking and reporting website traffic. Along with a broad picture of overall performance, it also keeps a record of every small activity contributing to traffic improvement. Our marketing agency creates Google Analytics reports that are easy to understand for business owners. Moreover, our local search optimization experts also educate you on the basic controls of this analytics tool to monitor real-time performance.


Expert Consultations

Our local SEO consultants are available 24X7 to assist with every small and big query regarding the marketing campaign. Along with telephonic and email conversations, we also organize video conferences. Just book your consultation slot in advance, provide your queries list and get meaningful information that actually matters to your business.


Tailored Local Digital Marketing Services

There is a significant difference between local and global search engine optimization. While promoting your local business in a particular location among the special segment of customers, we use filtered strategies only. If your expectations change during the marketing campaign, we maintain enough room to customize the services package.

Engaging the maximum possible local search queries is the core objective of our local SEO services professionals. Our local marketing agency invests time and effort in keywords research, market trends and other important factors that actually influence your sales. Book a consultation session, tell us your expectations and we will get back with the most feasible strategies that come within budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

This technique is used for uplifting the ranking of a business listing in the local search results. Location-based SEO is a powerful technique for a physical store to target customers within a particular locality. When people within a specific region query on the search engine regarding the local stores or services, the well-optimized local SEO business pops up at the top of the search results.
  • Technically optimize the website to fix the indexing issues.
  • Engaging and meaningful content creation.
  • Local link building
  • Optimize local Google business profile
  • Accurate business listing
  • Response to the customer reviews
A recent local consumer survey has disclosed about 78% of local customers search for regional stores and services through the web at least once a week, whereas 21% of customers search for these services daily. In order to make your business recognizable among these people, your business must be visible on the Map pack and local organic search results. Local SEO is an excellent opportunity to transform these searchers into loyal customers.
The exact amount can only be determined by acknowledging project specifications and needs. Different aspects may reduce or add up to the cost of SEO services. If you want to know the estimated price for our local SEO services, you may let us know the details of your business along with the requirements. Our professionals at Think Shaw will evaluate your needs and define a precise expense for the services.