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Think Shaw is a performance-based Facebook ads agency that takes care of the branding of your business. Our well-trained and qualified team of professionals makes sure to create images that grab the attention of scrollers. Our Facebook ads management team formulate fully functional marketing strategies that get you the potential audience and make your brand stand out in the market.


What Are Facebook Ads And How Are They Generated?

Do you wish to generate more SEO traffic for your business? Well, it is time to hire a reputable Facebook ads agency!! You must be wondering if people even click on Facebook ads?? To your surprise, Facebook makes over $55 billion in revenue from advertising. This implies that someone is clicking!! But, the point is how to get individuals to click your Facebook ads and invest in your products or services?

Many companies who have single-handedly tried Facebook ads to grow their business failed to achieve their goals. Not to worry, our Facebook ads agency is present at your service. Before moving forward, let us have a brief idea about what Facebook ads are.

Facebook at the advertisements that can appear in the news feed on your desktop or mobile devices. The advertisements can include anything from news about social activities of your friends such as liking our page. The Facebook ads can be found on the right column of user’s displays while they scroll through their news feed. Some of you must be wondering why to use Facebook for marketing your business. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms worldwide, having millions of active users. Individuals spend a considerable amount of time scrolling through Facebook each day, making it easier to catch maximum eyes using Facebook ads.

Any small or enterprise-level business looking to increase their customer base and sales shall readily connect with Think Shaw for marketing their business globally. Think Shaw is a reputable and reliable Facebook advertising agency to reach your Facebook marketing goals in the most effective way.

A lot of information is used to determine which ad will show to which Facebook user. User information such as age, gender, location, page likes, and even the data from mobile websites they browse is used to categorize various Facebook users. The well-trained and experienced advertisers at Think Shaw Use this information to target ads to your potential customer on Facebook.
For example, if your company sells products only for women, the Facebook ads will filter all the female profiles and target the ads to their feed.

Therefore our Facebook ads experts determine the types of ads to be shown on different user’s profiles by monitoring their online and offline activities.

Why does your business require Facebook advertisement?

There is no force more powerful than social media dominating modern society these days. The maximum population worldwide marks its prominent presence on renowned social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the individuals who will become your potential and loyal customers in the future, given that you market your brand effectively. This doesn’t mean investing a huge chunk of capital on social media platforms; however, hiring a Facebook ads management agency is the most effective marketing solution. Facebook is one of the renowned social media platforms that marketers simply cannot ignore.

With millions of users worldwide, exhibiting your products and services through Facebook marketplace ads is the easiest way to connect with a valuable audience. However, finding loyal customers can be a tricky task but can be effectively done by Facebook advertising experts at Think Shaw.

facebook ads

The sole reason why small or enterprise-level businesses invest in a Facebook advertisement for brand flourishment is that Facebook ads are cheap. Yes, you read it right!! Facebook ads cost or fraction of what other online marketing channels cost. This can be exceptionally beneficial if you are an owner of a small-scale business and looking for pocket-friendly marketing options. The cost-efficiency of Facebook business ads will astound you as it has the capability to reach thousands of people in a day.

The targeting capabilities of Facebook are extraordinary as you can literally target any person that comes to your mind, including the Prime Minister of your country. Exciting, isn’t it? Analyzing the behavior, interests, demographics, age, gender, language, and location, are Facebook lead generation advertising experts make sure to target a quality audience. Our team of Facebook ads professionals also gets rid of any questionable or out-of-market clickers to keep your business from any hassle.

Therefore, if you want to keep up and beat your competitors, get in touch with Think Shaw right now!!

How Can Our Facebook Ads Agency Help Your Business?

The highly experienced Facebook marketing experts at Think Shaw Ensure the success of your business in terms of:

Our Facebook ads agency keeps you in the loop regarding the day-wise, weekly, and annual progress with transparent reporting practices. The Facebook ads manager at Think Shaw works around the clock for precise audience building to target the right people at the right moment. From discovering the ideal audience segments to devising the most efficient ways to reach them, everything is done effectively by our Facebook ads management team.

Our Strategies For Advertising Your Business On Facebook

Think Shaw Is passionate about building healthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients by offering superior quality Facebook ads management services. Our Facebook marketing experts minutely focus on what actually drives revenue and profitability to your business and plan their strategies accordingly. We thoroughly understand that our services will contribute to the success of your business as well as our's. Hence, we follow the below-listed blueprint of strategies to formulate unique and authentic Facebook ads.


1. Test

In order to find the right solution and connect with valuable customers for your business goals, experienced Facebook advertising experts develop unbeatable strategies. After formulating the strategy, we carry out our strategic tests to monitor if those strategies are driving sales to your business. Facebook is a great marketing tool for your business only if the right plans and processes are followed in a sequential manner. You can consider Think Shaw as the top-notch marketing partner who understands your business needs and strategize accordingly.
Our experienced Facebook ads management team prioritizes our clients and their business goals more than anything and works in their best interests. Testing every strategy is carried out before the final implementation to prevent any flaws or loopholes, reaching our targets quickly.


2. Analyze

Our professional Facebook ads management team at Think Shaw devote a considerable amount of their time to make sure we are tracking the right metrics. Our experts work with popular page insights tools to ensure the metrics are meaningful and communicate exact data. Analyzing the market trends on a daily basis is necessary to measure the requirements for driving your business forward. As discussed in the first step, testing strategies can pull out the flaws and help our Facebook ads management team to analyze how to improve a certain strategy. Therefore, analyzing our Facebook advertisement plans helps to keep us in the frontline of what is working best in an ever-changing platform.


3. Optimize

With our ultimate expertise in the field of digital marketing, we understand the importance of the implementation of strategies especially when it’s about a social media platform. Facebook optimization is very important as it is considered the golden opportunity to generate qualified leads and traffic for your website. Facebook ranks in the top social network platforms which means the success rate of Facebook advertising is quite high.
Our social marketing strategies, especially the one associated with Facebook ads aim to deliver the desired results but in a marketing way!
Many companies cut down these platforms as well when they decide to cut down the expenses. But pulling off Facebook advertising is quite a mistake. With the passage of time, Facebook has become one of the top considerable digital marketing channels.
At Think Shaw our team pulls the best strategies for the ultimate outcome!

In a world full of cut-throat competition, why choose “Think Shaw”?

Select your company type according to the change you want to see in the results.
Our core values, vision statement and mission statement are our anthem at Think Shaw. We go along with our values and work according to our vision and mission statement to create a statement.
Working in different verticals, we have made it our pact to harness our efforts with the power of the internet to generate profitable business and help the business grow.
According to our Facebook marketing expert, Facebook advertising has one of the best benefits, the ability to reach out exactly to the targeted audience. This is considered as one of the best practices to gain business visibility.


Looking for a Facebook advertising agency particularly isn’t worth it when you find all-in-one marketing services under one roof at Think Shaw. Right from Facebook ads management to high ROAS, better ads, timely results, covering large audiences, A/B testing performance growth, PPC ads, performance estimates, and other operations, our experts are here to save the day with the best results!
Our customers come back with new projects multiple times; this is what defines our work and the results we deliver. We don’t do the hopping thing, there are no middlemen involved. Understanding the clarity that comes with direct communication, at Think Shaw, you’ll be allowed to stay in touch with our Facebook marketing expert for your work-related results or queries.
Our services are not limited to just sales and marketing, as we said it’s a pool of services and you’re always invited to choose as per your demand. So don’t stand at ease because your business needs complete attention!

How is Think Shaw different from others?

Think Shaw is not the typical Facebook ads agency or some marketing agency listed in some digital marketing agency category. It is a digital marketing agency but with a different working culture and has its own ways. Right from our strategies to industrial experience that we hold as an agency of experts team has evidently been a reason for our growth and appreciation amongst clients.

Our approach and our methods are quite different yet all of them aim to deliver the best results. Our work is not limited to Facebook ads management but other areas like SEO, PPC, etc,.

Local SEO Services

When it comes to results, we speak your language

Our strategies and methods are based on the industrial experience that we have but the results are always delivered as desired by our clients. Social media platforms are highly considered as an important tool which is why Facebook ads are one of the top social media platforms chosen by marketing agencies. Our strategic planning goes according to the recent scenarios in the market, yet keeping in mind the desired results by the client as well. Whether it's a beginning or ending the entire process is handled by professionals. At Think Shaw, we make sure the results are parallel to the demand/expectation of the client.


We’re known to take the stress out of being an entrepreneur

To understand the worth and importance of each project whether it’s big or small one thing is for certain, to understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Whether a person is dealing in Facebook ads or himself is a Facebook ads manager, if the same understand how each step influences the final result, things will always be done with 100% effort. That’s how our team members are, they understand it takes a lot for any entrepreneur to initiate a project and count on a company for its further growth. Being an entrepreneur, you don’t have much to worry about, if your project is with us.


Creative in the service of growth

Every company strives for growth since the very thought of setting up one. Growth is a whole process but it is a part of each step, each project; they all lead to one core reason, growth. At Think Shaw, it is our belief that growth is not just associated with numbers and profits. Growth is a huge term in itself, for example, the target audience growth when it comes to Facebook ads, growth in the implementation of new strategies by a FB ads manager, and many other scenarios. Our services aim to achieve the desired results and conquer areas for further growth as well.


Taming the internet with experience and curiosity

Our SEO team holds adequate knowledge and experience to work professionally and diligently irrespective of the type of projects that come across. Learners are always ahead of people which is why our SEO team along with their experience keep themselves updated with the new trends in the world, especially in society. This is done in order to keep their skills polished with the changing trends. As nothing remains constant, so does the working and demand of people. For example, our Facebook Ads Manager keeps in check with the updates on Facebook especially the guidelines for Facebook Ads or Facebook Business ads.


Bright ideas that light up the big picture

Ideas bring real change. Especially, when there is a number of ideas being presented by different types of experts who have their own unique experience helps to generate a mega plan with great ideas. When there are multiple sources for different ideas, the bigger picture gets added with more dimensions and colors that at the time of result, it is indeed a big picture. For example, team members who hold experience in Facebook ads can help out in generating new ideas for Facebook business ads, Facebook promotion, and much more in order to make the best Facebook ads.


Advertising with funnel vision

This is majorly for Facebook ads. For Facebook business ads it is very important to know and understand the structure of your Facebook ads account. Our FB ads manager can surely help with that. Setting objectives based on the funnel is significantly important. For each ad set targeting types. Our team members also focus on optimization and keeping an eye on conversion rates.


Our Process that will help to “rocket launch your business”

We conduct each and every project with an exclusive approach and method that it requires as per its demand. We don’t use a limited amount of strategies for all projects, instead, we create a new one where needed and apply it exactly according to the work. For example, a specific Facebook advertising strategy would be used for some Facebook advertising projects as per the demand.



This thing would always stay on our priority even before you become our client and afterward as well. We are just a call away from clearing any doubts or queries you have related to the project. We have experts dealing with the consultation based on the category of the project. For example, any query related to Facebook ads will be handled by our expert FB ads manager.


Account Setup & Creative Research

The account setup and all the formalities shall be made crystal clear to you and then you can decide the account setup. There will be no hidden information kept from our side. When you sign the contract, we will set a meeting up with our team of experts where you can ask anything if you have any concerns. For example, if you are our client regarding Facebook ads, our team and our FB ads manager shall get in touch with you.


Kickoff Call & Campaign Development

Staying clear about objectives and goals to be achieved is the best way to achieve 100% results. After all the formalities have been done, we’ll get to the track right away beginning with a kickOff call, where all the targets shall be discussed. This will help to build strategies and start the campaign development. For Facebook ads, our Facebook marketing expert will get in touch with you to discuss the respective strategies to be implemented for the same.


Campaign Production and Launch

These shall be done by our creative and strategic team based on their years of experience. Our strategies shall be discussed and after the approval, the same shall be applied. In terms of Facebook ads, our Facebook Ads Manager handles the majoirty of this area.


Create & Learn

For the best outcome of Facebook ads, Think Shaw has the best yet completely professional team of Facebook marketing experts. They will create innovative and creative strategies which shall mostly target the audience of today’s time.


Optimize & Iterate

We have the tendency to create a high volume of creative ads especially when it comes to Facebook ads based on our creative and smart ways to work. Our new ads are made according to the trends and new requirements of the audience.