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We are committed to making your medical facilities rule over search engine rankings. Our healthcare sector insights, blended with our SEO expertise, push your services reachability to desired audience. Choose us as your marketing companions and step towards growing organic traffic which will surely improve your leads flow.

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Results Driven SEO For Healthcare Practices

This digitally-advanced era encourages the masses to search for their essentials via online channels, and healthcare services are no exception. Connecting with the right healthcare professional is more convenient and less time-consuming using internet-driven tools. Recognizing this trend, many healthcare practitioners rely on digital marketing services to establish a notable and reputable position visible to their target audience.

Despite the effort to improve SERP visibility, if your appointment numbers are low, inferior techniques or unethical digital marketing practices are the reason. The sophistication to develop a noticeable status in the SEO for medical practices is evident due to the industry's swift growth. Challenging market structures contribute to fueling these complexities.

Nevertheless, these complications are easy-to-tackle when you partner with professionals like Think Shaw. Our excellence in result-oriented digital marketing approaches and acquaintance with healthcare compliances help your business thrive. Our industry-specific keyword research enables your business to interact with only those seeking medical services relevant to your offerings.

We customize a feasible ROI-driven marketing roadmap in regard to the search engine’s algorithms and lawful practices. Whether you want to grow in a specific location with our local SEO services or want global recognition, we help you accomplish your goals with specialized tools and strategies.

Why Do Healthcare Providers Need Search Engine Optimization

Quality Control
SEO is preferable as it delivers more promising and long-term results than other short-term advertisements. The top SERP position indicates the website’s authenticity and reputation in the client’s opinion. Besides, Google specifically keeps a close eye while ranking medical industry-related platforms. Understanding this concept, we enforce content relevancy and link-building quality as our main concerns.
Surpass Competitors
The evolution in the healthcare industry keeps emerging new names. Most of these newcomers find it hard to gain recognition among patients in the presence of well-rooted old medical establishments. You can keep your practices ahead of the competitors in your region by collaborating with our foolproof digital marketing strategies.
Improved Visibility
Is your business missing from the SERP list when people search for relevant services? This scenario can put your business growth at risk. However, our healthcare SEO is your savior to keep your services popping up on search engine results targeting long-tale and widely searched keywords specific to your business-related queries.
Upgraded Revenue
Reaching the level of a top ranking is not the foremost reason to opt for SEO; generating quality leads is what everyone desires. With lead-generation-focused healthcare SEO services, you gain expansion in your customers, directly boosting your business revenue.

Take a Tour of Our Healthcare SEO Services Techniques

We are concerned about the intensified sensitivity of restrictions and rules when promoting a medical industry online platform. From a deep analysis of the useful keywords to generating quality content and implementing relevant link-building, we set high standards when serving you with our healthcare SEO.


Performing Technical Audits

For a website to gain recognition in search engines’ ranking notion, it needs precision in various technical aspects, including website structure, header & footer tags, loading speed, responsiveness, security, and others. Before enforcing our digital marketing strategies, we conduct an in-depth audit to highlight your website’s technical defects and improvement-seeking areas that hinder its ability to rank higher.


Site Architecture Optimization

Site architectural optimization significantly improves the website’s crawlability and indexing. A well-optimized website not only undergoes an uplift in its ranking but also develops a user-friendly interface that contributes to customer engagement. Aligning your website architecture to the Google algorithms, we improve your website’s navigation, URL structuring, sitemaps, interlinking, and other concerning parts associated with ranking upgradation.


Monitoring Competitors

Attaining success is infeasible without overpowering your industry opponents. Understanding this, we closely monitor your competitors’ strategies and uncover their weaknesses and strengths. From discovering the top competitors to evaluating their backlinking and social media tactics, our analysis procedure leaves nothing that could be helpful for your website to surpass competitors' online presence. We use this evaluation to pair with our custom SEO methodology capable of overtaking their efforts.


Auditing Backlinks

The quality and quantity of backlinking are a significant part of the entire process that impacts the search engine ranking, and it needs a technical vision to ensure superiority. Our backlink auditing procedure identifies inferior links from spam or malicious websites, halting the website’s long-term growth capabilities. After collecting the data, we review it deeply and perform link removal operations using the disavowed link tool in the Google search console.


Content Development

Our dedicated team has developed content management strategies taking the aspects of search engine algorithm compatibility and users’ readability into account. Being trained with advanced CMS platforms and qualified for writing high-standard and relevant content, we keep your website engaging for visitors. We naturally add keywords to valuable and informative content and promote it on various platforms to guarantee its support in your website’s rankings.


A Focus on Local SEO

Your healthcare services must scale up to become a well-recognized and reputable local establishment among the audience. We ensure that your website has been listed in the GMB results with precise information, including the correct name, address, and other contact information. Our accuracy and strategic implementations keep your business relevant in search engine ranking vision along with making it easy for your customers to approach your services.


Boosting Crawlability

Our team is familiar with Google’s principles of crawling a website, and they leave no stone unturned that directs the bots to crawl through the targeted content. Once your well-optimized page gets indexed, it will be ready to compete in the intense digital marketing environment. From verifying your website with the search engine & optimizing its technical components to monitoring the crawlability rate, we excellently handle everything to strengthen your website’s grip on the topmost SERP position.


Site performance Management

A slow website speed leads to a greater bounce rate while lowering your SERP rankings simultaneously. Numerous factors, such as graphics, CDNs(Content Delivery Networks), use of plugins, and browser cache, are responsible for impacting the website’s performance. Recognizing the component accountable for slowing down your online platform, we perform refinement processes that structure your website to load smoothly. This is one of the noteworthy parts of improving SEO and boosting your site’s user-friendliness.


Location Page Optimization:

We know the importance of effectively targeting customers in multiple locations by managing your location pages. Geo-targeting is known for its effectiveness in engaging more customers in certain locations. Google is shedding more focus on location-based results, and our SEO experts are familiar with the new trends and result-driven techniques to favor your business to grow among local patients.


Mobile-friendly Structuring

After a significant rise in mobile users, Google reconsidered its approach to mobile-friendliness concerning the search engine rankings and introduced an algorithm called “Mobilegeddon”. It stated that if your website is not responsive enough to function well on a mobile device, the search engine would not regard it as a top-ranking site. We eliminate this concern by suggesting mobile-friendly plugins, graphics, and responsive design for your website that improves the site’s SEO while reducing the bounce rate.

Why Choose Think Shaw As Your Healthcare SEO Agency?

Are you still dreaming of more appointments at your medical facility? With industry expertise and a passion for driving clients to the upper highs, digital marketing experts at Think Shaw are ready to direct your business to a high level of organic leads.

The medical industry is a vast sector having small family doctors, equipment sellers, laboratories, nursing clinics, hospitals, pharmacists, and diverse other parts.

A result-oriented strategy for a large-scale hospital will be incapable of driving the expected results for a small-scale pharmacy. We understand the need for different strategic executions for a small clinic and a large-scale hospital; thus, we strive to craft unique techniques that favor different healthcare service providers.

The competing level in the healthcare industry uplifts drastically every day and tackling the complexity of outshining need a certain level of expertise. Our robust methodology and strong command over healthcare SEO enable us to improve your website’s visibility among the right audience. In our years of experience, we have maximized our client’s lead generation records to notable levels. We achieve consistency and durability in your ranking by implementing ethical SEO practices.


Healthcare SEO Experts

Apart from being well-versed regarding the leading SEO practices, our professionals stay up-to-date with the medical sector’s reforms. From executing favorable SEO techniques to updating your website with informative content, we help you make a promising business presence in your potential customer’s minds.

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Conversion-Centered SEO Strategies

Our SEO approach focuses on optimizing your website that compels the visitors to take action, such as filling out a form, making an appointment, or clicking on the “contact us” button. Our conversion-centered methodology is performed by withdrawing the barricades to user experience, CTA structuring, and landing page engagement.

Think Shaw WooCommerce Award-winning Company

Consumer Confidence

It is extremely challenging for healthcare centers to develop credibility among the masses as concerns are at a peak when choosing medical services. By enforcing tactics such as certifications & accomplishments highlights, sharing testimonials, and presenting your business mission, we support you to emerge as an authentic and dependable entity. Consistent top rankings on the SERPs combined with reliable information indicate superiority over the other health practitioners in your locality.


Cost-Effective SEO Solution

Winning the race to the top is no more an exorbitant investment with our reasonable SEO services. Our SEO solutions are tailored to every small to large-scale business’s fund availability and marketing objectives. Keeping suggests the best feasible strategy that supports your enterprise to head toward success.

Let’s Answer Your Questions About Healthcare SEO

Healthcare SEO is referred to as a strategic process that supports a medical business’s online platform to gain better visibility and ranking for relevant keywords being searched by the potential audience. The procedure comprises implementing marketing techniques such as on-page refinement, content management, building backlinks, and optimizing numerous other aspects concerning the search engine’s algorithms.

Higher rankings in the SERPs reinforce a medical facility’s recognition and trustability in patients’ vision.

Just like the reforms in Google algorithms, the trends for medical SEO services keep updating. Check out some of the latest methods to implement for healthcare SEO.
  • Optimizing the website regarding your customer’s intent for the required information.
  • Focusing on optimizing the rapidly growing voice search option.
  • The Mobile first approach leads to convenient access for a higher number of patients resulting improved conversion rate.
  • Local SEO can phenomenally uplift your medical facility’s visibility among regional patients looking for nearby healthcare practitioners.
  • Positive patient reviews are an outstanding pathway to raise your reputation among potential audiences.
  • A catchy content generation that compels website visitors to take action.

Content marketing tips for healthcare

  • Identifying the target audience and generating content in relation to their interests and needs.
  • Relevant, original, and accurate content creation is a significant need for a sensitive sector like healthcare.

SEO tips for healthcare

  • Conducting keyword research and revealing favorable keywords is the foremost priority of an SEO campaign.
  • Implementing all the technical improvements, such as page speed optimization and sitemap indexing.
  • Monitoring traffic generation results and other outcomes using tools like Google Search Console.


In healthcare SEO, the choice of keywords is more specific with the terms such as surgeons, doctors, and similar phrases in comparison to other websites using the words like products and services.

Specialized content:

Healthcare-related content generation needs better insights into medical terms and specific information.


Medical SEO needs to follow certain compliance with the SEO strategies. In contrast, SEO for other industries does not demand strict regulatory considerations.

A GMB supports a business to improve visibility among the local audience. Well-optimized GMB profiles serve the information, including your visiting hours, direction to your establishment, customer reviews, and images, simplifying your customer’s approach to reaching your services. SEO experts recommend creating different GMB profiles for various locations, known as GMB groups. However, creating multiple profiles for the same metropolitan area can lead to the suspension of your Google account. Google allows you to decide which information you want to showcase on your profile while hiding the irrelevant portions.