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We, at Think Shaw, are a leading Magento SEO agency specializing in Magento SEO and search engine marketing. Our SEO experts know the platform and have years of experience in national and international SEO work. We provide the best Magento SEO service that can take your marketing campaigns to the next level and drive more traffic to your website. So, get in touch with us today and bring big revenue to your business.

Magento seo agency

What is Magento & Why You need Magento SEO

Magento is one of the best and most reliable Content Management Systems (CMS) in the market right now. If you are not optimizing your Magento website for SEO, you are missing out on a huge amount of potential traffic and revenue. Optimizing your Magento website for SEO can help in increasing your organic sales from search engines. We are a Magento SEO agency that can help you optimize your Magento website for SEO.

Magento is a bit different from other CMS’ as it is an open-source technology that grows with a company. It has various advanced SEO features, such as URL structure, meta-implementation options, tags, sitemaps, and more. You can even find an add-on, other than the default features, that can meet your custom request for online sales. Magento is extremely versatile, and this versatility extends to the look, content, and overall functionality of your website. Magento also includes analytics that allows you to track site visitors.

A Magento SEO expert from Think Shaw can help you get the most out of the features of Magento and turn your website search engine friendly. We can provide you with the best Magento SEO services to create a site that is customer-friendly and is also helpful for a better conversion rate. SEO contains many strategies, from keyword research to content creation. These strategies are made to rank the website higher in search results. With the right SEO practices, you can take advantage of the features of Magento. We, as a leading Magento SEO agency, understand that Magento is a bit different from other websites and requires some extra steps for SEO optimization.

The Best Magento SEO Company

Magento has a lot of features that can help any business get the best revenue. However, if your website is not well optimized for SEO, you could miss out on the opportunity to get a huge amount of potential traffic and sales. Optimizing your Magento website for SEO can open a lot of opportunities for increasing the speed of your side and organic sales from search engines.

Think Shaw is a leading Magento SEO agency that houses a team of Magento SEO experts who can help your business reach its digital growth goals. Our experts understand that to drive more traffic and increase organic online sales, SEO optimization of the Magento website is important. We provide the best Magento SEO services that give the best results.

magento seo company

Our Magento SEO Services

At Think Shaw, we have a full in-house team of Magento SEO experts who have years of experience in providing the best Magento SEO services. We can optimize your Magento website for SEO to take your marketing campaign to the next level and drive more traffic and sales to your website. Our Magento SEO services include -

Magento SEO Audit & Analysis

Our experts provide the best Magento SEO audit and analysis to spot existing pitfalls. With our comprehensive Magento SEO audit of your website, we aim to spot the pitfalls of your Magento SEO strategy and competitive analysis and come up with opportunities to make your website more SEO-friendly. Whether you have a small business or a large business, our SEO audit would be suitable for your Magento website. We aim to provide insight into the core issues and uncover the opportunities to improve in all aspects of SEO.

Competitor Analysis

It is important to focus on assessing your competitors to become an expert in Magento and SEO, and our experts understand this. Our Magento experts do market research and analyze your competitors. We also pay attention to the competitor’s keyword research to find out what keywords they are targeting. While we focus on creating an original and unique SEO strategy for your Magento website, we also understand that monitoring your competitors’ performance is also important. Monitoring the decisions your competitors make, such as targeting certain keywords or revamping a homepage layout, can be beneficial for you.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a core step in optimizing your Magento website for SEO. Our Magento SEO experts invest time in keyword research to optimize the product pages in your website in order to increase the valuable traffic from users looking to use your services or purchase your products. We use online tools to analyze keywords. Keyword research plays a big role in increasing the number of visitors to your website through search engines. Using these keywords in the correct way can help in increasing your sales.

Audience Research

We house a team of experienced Magento SEO experts who focus on understanding the audience of an online business before they create a marketing campaign to attract potential customers. Audience research can help in understanding the relevant keywords that could help your business reach your target audience.

Develop a Custom SEO Strategy

We focus on developing a custom, sustainable SEO strategy tailored to your marketing objectives and goals, budget, and preferences. Our team of Magento SEO experts aims to provide direct and transparent Magento SEO services to help you get the most out of your Magento 1/ Magento 2 store. With our strategy, we will help you optimize your investment and enhance your ROI.

Magento speed optimization

Optimizing the speed of your website is very crucial. If the loading speed of your website is not more than five seconds, it can help in decreasing your bounce rate by 35 percent and also lead to 70 percent longer user sessions. That is why our Magento SEO experts also focus on on-site optimization for speed. Even improving the site’s speed in a single second can help in increasing conversions by seven percent. Before we start optimizing the speed of your website, we test the initial speed of your web pages to use them as a benchmark for measuring success.

Product Pages Optimization

We at Think Shaw understand the optimization of every page on your website for search engines. That is why our Magento SEO services include product page optimization as well. With our strategy, we aim to rank every product page on your website for every specific search phrase on search engines. We are going to ensure that each page has a title along with a paragraph or two, including keywords. Not only this, but we also optimize images on your website for search engine optimization.

Google Analytics configuration

One of the most efficient and affordable methods you can follow you climb the ladder of success is SEO. you can not only get more leads but also boost your revenue. If you rank on top of the search results, your business gets more popular as more and more people come across it. Hence, if you want to boost your store, get in touch with the professionals at Think Shaw. We are a trusted Magento SEO company having years of experience in the industry. Schedule a call with a Magento expert and give us an opportunity to help you in the best way possible.

XML sitemap management

As a business owner, you might be aware of the fact that search engines do depend on bots. These bots are known as crawlers since they go to the WWW and find pages online. Even though they do their job in the right manner, it can take some time in order to find a specific page present on your website. One major reason is the numerous content. This is where an XML sitemap comes into being. This is a sitemap present on your website. It tells search engine crawlers what you want them to seek on your site. Best of all, sitemaps can also have a positive effect when it comes to SEO. Thus, let the Magento SEO expert work wonders for you. Till then, sit back and relax. After all, we will do the work for you while you stay at ease.

Detailed SEO reporting

While our Magento SEO expert at Think Shaw does the work for you, as a reliable company we make sure that our clients are informed about everything we do. Hence, we believe in sending detailed SEO reports weekly. We house a team of experts who leave no stone unturned to meet your expectations. The report we prepare is up to the mark. Get in touch with us today and experience services that are mind blowing and result-oriented.

Installation of SEO plugins

Count on the Magento SEO expert at Think Shaw for the installation of SEO plugins. We know for a fact that every business owner wants to rank high in search engine results. However, in order to do the same, you need to have the best and suitable strategies and tools. Hence, our experts will do it for you without giving you a chance to complain. Get in touch with us today and we will spare no effort to get your website noticed on Google.

Monthly Technical Updates & On-Site Optimization

Count on our experts because we at Think Shaw take pride in delivering monthly technical updates & on-site optimization to all our clients. Our experts not only know how to optimize your website in the right manner but also put their best foot forward in order to fulfill your expectations. For further details, get in touch with us without any further ado.

Off-Page Optimization

Build a strong website recognition and domain authority with us at Think Shaw. Our off-page SEO experts will help you rank higher on the search engine results. This is because without off-page optimization your website won’t be able to set itself apart from others. You won’t get more leads and neither will your business gain popularity. Hence, let us do the work for you while you sit back and relax.

Ongoing Content Creation and Implementation

There is no denying the fact that words can be magical. At Think Shaw, we take pride in writing content that is short, crisp, and up to the mark. In addition to this, we take into account the requirements of our clients and put into use the best content creation strategies. Hence, do yourself a favor by hiring our services without any further ado. We write fresh content keeping in mind the SEO keywords. We also make sure our content is plagiarism-free and grammatically correct.


At Think Shaw, we know for a fact that customers check reviews no matter positive or negative reviews. Hence, our Magento SEO experts take pride in offering economical SEO services. Our services will help in displaying your reviews and make them reach your potential customers. As an outcome, the customers will read them and come back to buy your products or hire your services. What else do you want?


The Magento SEO expert at Think Shaw put into use the most advanced and basic strategies. In addition to this, we do some research and make sure our methods are according to the trends. Basically, we not only use the most advanced strategies but also keep on changing them. This is because we believe that there is nothing wrong with re-assessment. After all, reassessment is a superb method if you want to rank fast and higher on the search engine results.

Why Choose Think Shaw As Your SEO Agency

Contact the experts at Think Shaw and hire our SEO services. As a trusted name, we make sure that your business climbs the ladder of success. In addition to this, we also make sure that you get sufficient leads, revenue, and sales. We bet we will help your website rank higher and as a result, you will get more customers every now and then. Schedule a call with us and gather all the deets.

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Decades of experience

We bet you want to hire the services of a company that will not only work wonders for you but also get the work done right. This is where Think Shaw has got you covered. We house a group of experts who are highly qualified and trained. All of them have knowledge about their specific fields. No matter the work we will always meet your expectations offering you top notch services. Let us know about the services you need, and the rest will be handled by us. Until then you can sit back and relax. We assure you of the best outcomes.


Award-winning team

Think Shaw is a trusted Magento SEO company with proven results. We take pride in offering professional and comprehensive SEO services at reasonable rates. In addition to this, we ensure that the best marketing strategies are followed by our team of Magento SEO expert. Even though we will work wonders for you, you are still welcome to speak to us directly. Work closely with us and experience how we will make a difference to your company in the best way possible. For further information, get in touch with us today. We will be more than happy to help you.


Maximum transparency

We understand that it is important for the clients to keep an eye on what work is happening on their projects. This is why our experts at Think Shaw believe in keeping everything transparent. No matter what work we do, we make sure that our experts are informed about the same. Whether it is about using new strategies or using the latest ones, we keep them informed all the time. Client relationships matter to us the most and we do not take them for granted at all.



There are business owners who have to think twice before hiring the services because they come across some of them that charge more than needed. But this is not the case with us at Think Shaw. We take pride in delivering the best SEO services at rates you can totally afford. Explore our website now and get moving. To find more information, speak to any of our experts and you are all set to go.


Personalized ecommerce SEO services

Look no further than Think Shaw for the best e-commerce SEO services. We offer services that help you boost revenue. In addition to this, our SEO services will also get you more leads, sales, and customers. In no time your business will grab the attention of the customers. Hire us for the work and we will spare no effort in delivering top notch services and the best outcomes.


More than $2 billion in real results

As a well-known company, we have worked our level best for the clients. With our top best strategies and innovative ideas, we have generated more than $2billion revenue for our clients. And, this is what we mean when we say real results. Hence, whether you want to grow your business, set yourself apart from the crowd, get potential customers, or more, we have got your back.